My name is Rae.

I’m Haudenasaunee. I am Celtic. I am a craftsperson.

I have been making things with my hands for a very long time. All sorts of different things. In all sorts of different mediums. All precious pop culture goodies. But, after years of running a successful business, the universe decided to give me a bitch slap, and forced me to start a new. New products. New direction. New journey.

I took it as a sign to finally take the opportunity to explore traditional Indigenous medicines and healings along with Celtic influenced rituals. It always scared the shit out of me because I had struggled with my half breed identity [Cher is GOD] my whole life. But that fear and hesitation is what eventually pushed me forward to create Black Heart Arts.

I know I’m not alone - to have fear of being judged based on my work, race, sexual orientation, gender … [honestly there is so much shit in the world that you can be judged on … and things that can be used to make you feel small] so I decided to make things to bring people together. I want to build a community of like-minded people. People that would love to have a Michael Scott quote candle that think horror themed soaps are radical, but also want magickal bath-products and ritual candles to help keep them in a positive space and to help them exercise selflove. I mean … that sounds pretty dope to me.

So. BHAs not only has the fun pop culture “make you feel good, cute shit that references that one episode of your favorite show, or that amazing line from that classic movie” products … but it also has the ritual goods, healing products and magick to help you connect with yourself and others.

All natural, handmade, small batch, reiki infused, adorable, pump you up, healing and hilarious shit that will be available here for you, whenever you need it.